Michael Dyber Carved Aquamarine Diamond Gold Pendant Brooch

United States (c1990)
Michael Dyber, An artistic carved aquamarine. The 1 1/2″ x 1″ carved aquamarine by Michael Dyber, mounted in a two tone matte finish gold frame enhanced by two round white diamonds. The carved aqua wieghing approximately 16cts, carved with the optic dish , a trademark of Dybers unique style. “Dyber’s faceting is a myriad of slashes and distorted depressions that resemble bubbles frozen in glass. His trademark is the optic dish, a concave depression carved into the backs of flawless crystalline gems like citrine, aquamarine and ametrine. Dyber’s dish acts as a spherical mirror, with the front of the stone serving as a lens that optically compresses what is carved on the back.” -from the jewelry loop. Like his German counterpart Munstiener , Dyber is a world renown stone carver. An interesting and unique piece of jewelry. The designer of the piece itself is unknown to us, however signed JF 18k. The stone is signed with Dybers hallmark. Perfect as a necklace or a brooch and boldly tailored enough for a man or a woman.




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