We Buy

We Buy

Please contact us if you are interested in selling your jewelry. We are discreet buyers of entire estates or single pieces. We also offer a full range of consignment opportunities. All items are fully insured while in our possession.

How does it work?

After we see your jewelry we determine its value based on style, condition, age, brand and saleability. Then we discuss the best way to market your piece/pieces

1. Cash Option: If the piece is right for us we will offer an instant cash payment.

2.Retail Consignment: If you can wait for a higher price, we recommend consignment for a period of 3-6 mos. The established price will be a higher offer than the cash price. We will place the piece on our website, feature it in shows and show it to collectors. In essence, do everything we can to ensure the sale of your item. If after the consignment period, the piece is still unsold, we will either renegotiate the contract or return the piece.