Brutalist Bracelet by Artist Jean-Jacques Morvan


Artist-jewelry by French artist Jean-Jacques Morvan. The 7″ x 1 1/4″ ( at widest point) sterling bracelet designed of three rough free-form plaques attached by circular links and terminating with a togle clasp attached to chain and a free-form pendant attached in the same manner. If Brutalist jewelry can be pretty this piece is. Fits very nicely at wrist and the flirtatious pendant adds a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Designed for the artist’s wife this piece came directly from the estate. It is signed with makers initials and number 1/8 however it is unknown if the other 7 were actually executed. Jean – Jacques Morvan, ( 1928-2005) was accomplished in many areas.. a painter, sculptor, engraver, writer,actor ,journalist, songwriter and critic. His artistic career spans 1947-2005. A fantastic and personal piece of jewelry by a man of the same mold. Super Chic . Fits a small to medium wrist

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