Arthur Smith Opal Gold Brooch

United States (c1970)
An artistic two-color gold and opal brooch by Art Smith. The 2 3/4 X 1 1/2″ abstract rose and yellow gold brooch of layered design with collet-set Opal pods. Smith, an African American Jeweler known for innovative design, sold mainly silver from his Greenwich, NY atelier. Walls, adorned with prototypes for Necklaces , bracelets and earrings, offered examlpes of his work. Clients could commission works or purchase pieces outright. This is a RARE example of the few works he made in gold. Similar in feel to some of the earlier silver pieces inspired by jazz and modern dance, this work is more refined as the material was considerably more precious than the silver or brass that he fashioned on a more regular basis. A wonderful addition to a studio collection. Interesting, wearable and unique.



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