Arthur King Jade and Gold Bangle Bracelet

White and green jade bangle bracelet by Arthur King. The 3/8″ wide 3 1/8″ Outer diameter x 2 3/8″ Inner diameter variegated jade bracelet ranging from bright white to bright green with three openwork gold elements. Provenance: Designed by Arthur King for the wife of a close friend, patron and companion in the late 70’s or early 80’s. I met this person in 2012 to visit his vast collection. At the time he was unwilling to part with anything but stories, which certainly enriched my knowledge of Kings wonderful personality and style. The two traveled together for years, mainly to India and Asia to source materials that could be made into Kings elegant and unique jewels. This Bracelet is born from one of those memorable occasions. I remember coveting this piece on dining room table. We were fortunate to acquire it some years later. ( Oh the life of Objects!) I did discover that not all Kings pieces were signed.. This is the trip that confirmed it. My collector friend, often hastily purchased pieces before they made the stamp.. as is this piece. To see the matching signed pendant , also from the same estate please look at our other listings. Fits a small wrist ( 6 -6/12″) maybe a bit larger if you have a slender hand.
Chic and Elegant