An Ivory Bracelet by Elsa Peretti,Collection of Naomi Sims,c1970

A handsome ivory cuff bracelet by Elsa Peretti. The 3/8″ thick cuff bracelet designed as a continuous open piece of ivory measuring 2″in front and tapering to 1 1/2″ in the back. This Bracelet, made before Peretti joined Tiffany and Co., was most likely part of the Halston collection in the early 70’s. Both Sims and Peretti were working with Halson during this period. Naomi Sims, Americas first African American Super model, blazed the trail for exotic models. Halston ,quoted in a 1974 New times article, ” Naomi was the first. The she was a great Ambassador for all black people. She broke down all the social barriers.” The organic style of this cuff echos the large Ivory belts Halston was using with his dresses in the early 70’s. This piece is most likely a for-runner to Perettis popular bone bracelet designed for Tiffany and Co. in 1974. The natural patina is warm and mellow. Elegant and bold, Super for summer and an important piece of fashion history. Fits a small to very small wrist.(wrist size under 6″)


very good, natural patina, no cracks or chips

Height: 2″

Materials/Technique: ivory
Creator: Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co.
Reference: JU10040524149

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