A Massive Gold and Abalone Pearl Ring, c1970

A rare gold and natural Abalone pearl ring. The 1 7/8″ x 1″ 14k textured freeform gold mount with 2 large natural abalone pearls, each with an intense luster, displaying a variety of colors ranging from greens and blues, to pinks and magenta, and accented by 7 round white diamonds. Abalone Pearls are natural pearls found in the gastropod mollusk Haliotis. They are prized for their intense display of color and are considered to be some of the most rare and beautiful natural pearls in the world. This ring, extremely large in scale,is nothing more than a statement. Organic and Sumptuous. 37g, size 8.



Length: 1 7/8″

Materials/Technique: Abalone pearl, 14k
Reference: JU11041824242

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