A 22k Gold and Archaic Jade Necklace by Helen Woodhull, 1971

USA (c1970)
A rare 22k yellow gold and jade necklace by Helen Woodhull.
The 15 1/4″ hand-crafted thick gold wire choker with a pierced gold bead and two link chains suspending a 1 5/8″ archaic octagonal cylinder seal. This necklace is designed as a part of her “Leogryph Collection”, in which Woodhull used ancient amulets, beads and fragments to form one of a kind custom pieces for her clients. Rare and collectible, this piece is simply a pleasure. Helen Woodhull believed that she could “breath life into her jewelry by drawing from the spirit of past cultures”. Magical, maybe. Stunning, absolutely.



Diameter: 15 1/4″

Materials/Technique: 22k yellow gold , Jade
Creator: Helen Woodhull
Reference: JU09112024123

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