Arnaldo Pomodoro Unique White and Yellow Gold Brooch, 1960


Early sculptural broach by Italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. The hand crafted pin with a smooth finished white gold “beam” supporting freeform yellow and white gold rods. Although stationary, this piece evokes a kinetic energy. “According to me, sculpture must be projected into space in order to remove, as far as possible, the weight from the material and the work’s fixed base. I have always tried to express movement as an intensification of a condition of imbalance in order to create a striking contrast to any stasis or any reached or predictable order.” — Arnaldo Pomodoro Arnaldo, along with his brother Gio, are both known predominantly as Sculptors. For the two of them, this medium has also included Jewelry as a smaller and more intimate form of the craft. This piece, made entirely by the hand of Arnaldo, is a good example of his smaller scale work. It relates directly to studies he made on paper in the late 50’s. Unlike most “Wearable Art” this piece is actually wearable. Not too big or clumsy in scale, it is designed as sculptural jewelry. A nice addition to any collection.. Art, Jewelry or Both. One of a kind. Unisex then.. Gender Neutral Now.

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