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  • Italy (c1970) A good-looking silver Zodiac necklace by Gucci. The 33" "Gucci - Link" necklace with a 1 1/4" x 1 1/2"sterling and brown enameled stylized symbol of "Scorpio" The verso marked SCORPIO in block letters. Groovy. Signed Gucci, Italy.   Condition very good. a few tiny scratches to enamel. No enamel loss. Shows some wear through out. Can be polished but we prefer the mellow patina. Measurements Length: 34 1/2" Specifications Materials/Technique: enamel sterling Creator: Gucci Reference: JU12011624305

  • Italy (c1970) A handsome silver and enamel bracelet by Gucci. The 9" long x 1"w (at buckle) adjustable sterling bracelet in the shape of a belt with three colors of banded enamel, brown, yellow and red. Attractive for a man or a woman. Comfortably fits a wrist 6 1/2- 7". Chic and Classic. Signed Gucci, Italy   Condition very good. Some slight wear to front of buckle.Enamel excellent and intact. Measurements Length: 9"l Specifications Materials/Technique: sterling, enamel Creator: GUCCI Reference: JU12011624304

  • USA (21st century) Van Cleef and Arpels, An iconic Alhambra necklace. The 18k 16 1/2" gold link necklace with 10 Mother of pearl clover motifs. From the V.C.A vintage collection. Timeless, Classic and Chic. Marked CL 87444 VCA 750   Condition perfect Measurements Length: 16.5" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k Creator: Van Cleef and Arpels Reference: JU13011424380

  • Italy (c1980) A chic gold bangle. The 5/8" h 18k yellow adjustable bangle bracelet made up of multiple polished gold wires to resemble the iconic "elephant hair" bracelet of the 70's. A great addition to any collection. Easy to wear, looks great layered or alone. Fits most wrist sizes. Signed Gucci, Italy 67g Condition some slight bends to gold from adjusting. Not an issue. Measurements Length: 5/8" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k gold Creator: Gucci Reference: JU12041624323

  • Brasil (c1970) H. Stern, A Stylish Suite made up of a Pendant and earrings. The 18k yellow and white gold 4 5/8" x 2 1/4" pendant fashioned in horizontal oval yellow gold wire-work with white gold textured ovoid centers,along with a pair of similar 1" x 1" ear clips (can be converted to pierced) The massive pendant is lightened by the open-work design which incorporates curves and layers to inspire an almost op art feel. (see photos)Shown on a neck-wire ( also available, but sold separately) the pendant is equally as interesting on a long silver or gold chain. The size of the earrings are especially complimentary to such a bold piece. Versatile and interesting.   Condition perfect Measurements Length: 4 5/8" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k Creator: H. Stern Reference: JU12073024342

  • Swiss (c1970) Gubelin, A modernist gold ring. The 1 1/4" x 7/8" 18k yellow gold ring with various geometric elements and a striated shank. Attractive,wearable and very comfortable.A great looking piece of architectural jewelry. Futurist Chic.Size 6 3/4" Condition perfect Measurements Height: 1 1/4" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k Creator: GUBELIN Reference: 2443

  • USA (c1970) A stylish gold and agate necklace by H. Stern. The 16" long 18k yellow gold "bark" finished necklace suspending a 2 5/8" x 1 3/4" natural Geode pendant.Looks great with jeans or a black dress. Earthy and Interesting.   Condition perfect Measurements Height: 2 5/8" Length: 16" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k agate Creator: H. Stern Reference: JU12032624320

  • American (c1960) A Handsome 18k yellow gold necklace by Henry Dunay. The rich-colored gold oval textured links joined with polished bridge links to form a 31 1/2" long necklace. Two hinged links open to make a bracelet (8 1/2") and a shorter necklace (23 3/4").One link has a hidden wire for attaching a pendant. A wonderfully versatile piece of jewelry. Looks great on its own or with a pendant. Please note this necklace is unsigned but has been authenticated by Henry Dunay.It was made in the late 1960's   Condition fine Measurements Height: 31 1/2 Length: 7/8 Specifications Materials/Technique: 18kyg Creator: Henry Dunay Reference: n1544

  • USA (1960) A pretty 14k yellow gold emerald and diamond ring by Nathan Cabot. The square cut emerald of medium color and inclusion weighing approximately one carat. It is a handsome stone- with a vibrant life. The diamonds range in size from approximately.20ct -.02cts (approx. .50cts in total) all good color and clarity. This ring is really nicely made. Very comfortable on the finger. A beautiful one of a kind piece of studio jewelry. Marked 14k and Natco. size 7   Condition fine original Measurements Height: 1/2 Length: 1 in. Specifications Materials/Technique: 14k,natural emerald and diamond Creator: Nathan Cabot Reference: r1826

  • Italy (c1960) A stylish pair of 18k yellow gold drop earrings. The textured wire dome-shaped ear clips suspending an egg-shaped wire bead- holding a large 3 dimensional gold wire form. Just over 2 1/2" long these earrings have great movement. Chic and Sexy.   Condition fine Measurements Height: 2 5/8 Length: 3/4 Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k Reference: 1747

  • United Kingdom (c1960) Kutchinsky, A Chic Lapis and turquoise ring. The 18k yellow gold Bombe ring with a 1 1/2" x 1" gem quality cabochon lapis lazuli, surrounded with blue and green turquoise navettes and approximately .60cts of round white diamonds. Stylish and Bold. Signed Kutchinsky. Size 5.5 Price Condition perfect Measurements Length: 1 1/2" Depth: 5/8" Specifications Stone: Lapis Lazuli, Diamond Materials/Technique: 18k Creator: Kutchinsky Reference: JU12060424334

  • USA (c1970) An attractive ring by Arthur King. The 1 1/4" 18k yellow gold freeform cluster design incorporating a 13.5mm baroque white south sea pearl, with three large natural sapphires. Stylish, Elegant, Beautiful. size 7.5   Condition perfect Measurements Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k pearl sapphire Creator: Arthur King Reference: JU11010524224

  • USA (c1970) Arthur King, a handsome gold and malachite ring. The freeform 18k yellow gold ring with a 5/8" long malachite lozenge. Comfortable and stylish, the long offset malachite lengthens the finger. It looks terrific worn as a right hand ring, or even better as a pinkie. Chic and Cool. Signed King. Along with the original box. Size 5.75 Price Condition perfect Measurements Length: 1" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k malachite Creator: Arthur King Reference: JU12082024347

  • Swiss (c1960) Gilbert Albert, a sculptural gold ring. A 1"x 5/8" textured free-form 18k yellow gold ring. This comfortable ring sits from knuckle to base of finger. A nice ring for everyday, easy to wear and stylish. Swiss Designer,Gilbert Albert is known for his innovative designs.Along with artist -jewelers like Andrew Grima and Arthur King, he was a pioneer of the New Look in the the early 60's.Interesting and Cool.Signed Gilbert Albert.Size 5.5 Price Condition perfect Measurements Height: 1" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k gold Creator: Gilbert Albert Reference: JU12061824337

  • USA (c1970) Helen Woodhull (1940-2005), A handsome yellow gold intaglio ring. The 18k, 5/8" x 1/2", yellow gold ring with a Roman style intaglio of a grazing horse. Woodhull, known for her work using ancient styles and techniques often incorporated antique items in her unique designs. Working with Tiffany , Cartier and Georg Jenson before opening her own store in Manhattan she developed a strong following of devoted collectors. This is a great right hand ring, or a stylish pinkie. Easy to wear for everyday. Attractive and Collectable. Size 5 3/4 Price Condition perfect. Measurements Length: 5/8" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k Creator: Helen Woodhull Reference: JU12073024343

  • USA (Late 20th Century) A sculptural pair of earrings by Betty Cooke. The 14k Yellow gold wire-work screw-backed earrings of freeform design. Each measuring approximately 2" long. Attractive, Comfortable and Interesting.9.1g Signed COOKE Price Condition perfect Measurements Length: 2" Specifications Materials/Technique: 14k Creator: Betty Cooke Reference: JU10122724218

  • (c1970) An attractive pair of natural abalone pearl earrings. The 14k yellow gold textured clip mounts each 22.5 x 10.5mm abalone pearls. Abalone Pearls are natural pearls found in the gastropod mollusk Haliotis. They are, by many, to be considered some of the most rare and beautiful colored natural pearls in the world. These earrings are lovely on, the intense blue, green and pink play of color is lively and exciting. Chic. (please see our massive abalone pearl ring also on our site) Price Condition perfect Measurements Height: 1 3/8" Length: 5/8" Specifications Materials/Technique: 14k, abalone pearl Reference: JU11041824243

  • (c1960) A charming 18k yellow gold and diamond "Pinkie" ring. The textured yellow gold cluster ring set with brilliant-cut round, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds. Can be sized up or down. But looks amazing on the end finger. Sassy. 1" x 3/4" Size 3.5 Price Condition fine Measurements Height: 1" Length: 3/4" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k diamond Reference: r1832

  • USA (c1960) A charming 18k whimsy pin by Cartier. The 1 1/2" long royal blue and apple green enameled brooch in the shape of a centipede.Just like Madeleine Albright, we love these fun little critters. Cute and collectible. Condition: perfect Number of items: 1 Specifications: Width: 1 1/2"

  • USA (c1970) A Unique emerald and diamond bracelet. The 14k 1 3/8"w Freeform gold bracelet with a large Chatham emerald crystal, enhanced by approximately 2.00cts of mixed-cut diamonds. This one of a kind bracelet has a wonderfully organic quality. It looks terrific is also available. Super fun and whimsical.6 1/2" with the ring (purchased from the same collector) which Price Condition perfect. some slight oxidation to gold can be cleaned but we love it. Measurements Height: 1 3/8" Specifications Materials/Technique: 14k diamond yellow gold Reference: JU12091724356

  • Greece (c1970) A gold bracelet in the greek revival style. The 18k yellow gold hinged torque bracelet with diamond collared lion head terminals each with a .20ct diamond and two ruby eyes. This bracelet, in the style of Lalaounis,is nicely made.Fits a small wrist (6 1/4"or under). Condition perfect Measurements Depth: 5/8" Diameter: 6 1/2" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k diamond ruby Reference: JU12060424333

  • USA NYC (c1945) A Chic pair of retro 14k yellow gold clips by Marcus and Co. The stylized shell brooches each measuring 2" x 1 7/8"with a secure double clip back. These brooches are a nice rich yellow gold, they create a big statement worn together - or try them on opposite lapels,at jacket wrist or waist of a dress...the possibilities! Price Condition perfect, nice mellow patina Measurements Specifications Materials/Technique: 14k Creator: Marcus & Co. Reference: p1933

  • Italy (c1970) Tiffany and Co. A handsome gold zodiac ring by Tiffany and Co. Italy. The 58 x 12 18k yellow gold ring modeled in the antique Roman style featuring the zodiac symbol for Taurus. A great everyday ring. Sophisticated yet hip. Size 5.75   Condition perfect Measurements Specifications MaterialsTechnique 18k Creator Tiffany Reference JU12082024345

  • Switzerland and Italy (c1970s) A stylish yellow gold and white enamel watch by Buche-Girod. The 7 1/2" x 1 1/4" 18k yellow gold link bracelet with bright white enamel and oval watch dial. Signed Bueche-Girod, numbered 2168 and 98014 on the case. Marked 18k Italy on the bracelet. 85 grams. A lovely watch for Summer. Bold and Elegant. Fits a small to medium wrist size. Price Condition Perfect. No chips, watch in working condition. Measurements Length: 7.5" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k Yellow Gold, White Enamel Creator: Bueche-Girod Reference: JU13040824397

  • USA (c1960) A charming gold diamond and enamel ring by Christian Dior.The 5/8" 18k yellow gold multiple band ring, made up of 4 connected stacked white enameled bands, each with 6 bezel-set round white diamonds (approximately .60cts total). Signed Ch. Dior. A terrific piece of hard to find vintage Dior. Chic and Sophisticated. Size 5.5 Price Condition very good, one small repair to back of ring. Not noticeable. Measurements Specifications Materials/Technique: enamel, 18k diamond Creator: Christian Dior Reference: JU13040824395

  • USA (c1970) Arthur King, a stylish gold, diamond and baroque pearl ring. The 7/8" x 7/8" 18k freeform yellow gold ring with three 10mm silver baroque south sea pearls accented with approximately .25cts of round white diamonds. King, known for his love of unusual stones and pearls traveled extensively to seek out the exotic for his organic designs.Always interesting, unusual and one of a kind.Signed King Size 7 Price Condition perfect Measurements Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k, pearl and diamond Creator: Arthur King Reference: 2390

  • USA (c1970) Helen Woodhull, a Chic gold pendant. A 1 6/8" x 1 6/8" 22k yellow gold hammered finished pendant suspended from a 16" contemporary brown leather cord with an 18k yellow gold clasp. Woodhull, known for her work using ancient styles and techniques often incorporated antique items in her unique designs. Working with Tiffany , Cartier and Georg Jensen before opening her own store in Manhattan where she developed a strong following of devoted collectors. Stylish, Elegant and Timeless. Price Condition perfect.. a lovely mellow patina. Measurements Specifications Materials/Technique: 22k Creator: Helen Woodhull Reference: JU12121024370

  • Italy (c1970) A Bold Ivory Pendant by Gucci. The 32" sterling silver chain with a 3 3/4" whales tooth mounted in sterling (4 1/2"including bale). Impressive, Dramatic and Unique. Unisex Price Condition perfect, nice luster and patina to ivory. Measurements Specifications Materials/Technique: sterling, ivory Creator: Gucci Reference: JU13050624400

  • Swiss (c1960) A stylish gold, opal and diamond ring by Swiss Designer Gilbert Albert. The 18k white gold ring freeform ring measuring 7/8"l x 6/8"w with a 15.7 x 13.2mm blue/green opal doublet and 6 round white diamonds weighing approximately .20cts. Gilbert Albert,noted for his innovative design, and winner of multiple jewelery design awards,is considered one of the most important artist- jewelers working since the last half of the 20th c. A contemporary of England's Andrew Grima, Albert is the Swiss Counterpart. The cool vivid blue- green of the stone is complimented by the white gold offset mounting, this unique style elongates the finger. Chic,Elegant, Sophisticated. Size 5 1/4 Price Condition perfect Measurements Height: 7/8" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k diamond , opal Creator: Gilbert Albert Reference: JU11081524286

  • France (c1925) A whimsical 18k yellow gold and Burlewood box. The 4 1/4 x 3 x 5/8" box with an 18k yellow gold hinge,closure and French bulldog. Interesting and Amusing. French marks. Price Condition very good, some stress to wood- see photo. Measurements Length: 4 1/4"

  • (c1970) A trendy yellow gold and agate ring. The 18k yellow gold ring with organic-styled wirework mount securing a 1 1/4" round gray-taupe agate. The just under 3/8" tapered wide gold band supports the stone, which sits 1/2" above the finger. Not too flash for day, fun for night. Interesting, Unusual, Unique.Size 7 1/4. Price Condition perfect Measurements Length: 1 1/4"

  • USA (c1980) Angela Cummings, a chic gold link necklace. The 18k 26 1/2"" yellow figure 8 link necklace made up of 2 detachable parts.. a smaller gold necklace, 19" and a bracelet 7 1/2". A great piece of versatile jewelry,three looks, great for travel! Signed Cummings, 1987. Crafty and Sexy. Price Condition perfect Measurements Length: 26 1/2"

  • USA (c1970) A chic gold and diamond ring. The uncut natural-colored taupe diamond weighing approximately 3.00cts mounted in an offset free-form yellow gold ring and enhanced with one white round diamond.The 3/4" x 1/2" ring extends down on the finger. A very pretty and interesting alternative to an engagement or right hand ring. Easy and attractive to wear. size 7 Price Condition perfect

  • USA (c1970) A stylish gold and lapis lazuli ring. The 7/8" x 7/8" 14k yellow gold ring with carved gem quality lapis lauzuli. A nice ring for day or night. Bold enough to be noticed but no need for a special occasion. Terrific with jeans. The slight s-curve flatters the hand. Signed MAZ Size 7. Price Condition perfect Specifications Materials/Technique: Lapis Lazuli 14k Creator: MAZ  

  • France (c1960)
     A handsome Gold and Ivory tusk-shaped pendant. The 18k yellow gold Elephant head with ruby eyes supporting an ivory tusk-shaped pendant.2 6/8" without bale,Hangs 3". Marked France , with French marks.Looks terrific with a leather cord or a long chain. Urban jungle chic. Unisex.
    some minor stressing to ivory due to age, nice patina.
    Width: 2 6/8"
    Materials/Techniques: 18k Ivory

  • Italy (20th century) A Substantial gold and rutilated quartz crystal ring. The 18k yellow gold handmade freeform ring with a 1 1/2" x 1" natural rutilated quartz crystal,supported by a 1/2" shank. Rutilated quartz is said to activate creativity, project thought and manifest desire through the power of intention. Are you a believer? If not, it is a great, big and stylish ring. Fun , Bold and Powerful.Signed With makers mark,Size 7 3/4. Price Condition perfect

  • (c1970)
    A Stylish gold horn pendant. The 3 1/4"(with bale) pendant mounted in 21ct yellow gold. A good looking and trendy piece. Easy to wear , looks great on a long chain or leather cord (as shown) Chic and Now. Unisex

  • USA (c1970) Ed Wiener, an attractive yellow gold and diamond bracelet. The 1 1/4" wide 14k yellow gold textured bracelet enhanced with approximately 4.00cts of white emerald-cut and baquette shaped diamonds. Influenced by both modern art and jazz, Wiener found precious metal to best express his artist sensibility.This bracelet is a nice example of his organic style. Artistic but infinitely wearable. Chic and Elegant ,a great piece modernist jewelry. Size 6 1/2. In original box. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Italy (c1970) A cool gold and turquoise fishbone pendant. The 4"18k yellow pendant in the shape of an atticulated fish bone with a hook bale , attached to a textured 20" yellow gold chain by the same maker. A very now piece of 70's jewelry. Easy to wear , looks great layered with other chains, but has the scale (sorry ) to stand on its own. It has great movement..Fun and Flirty. Signed, indistinct makers marks. Price Condition EXCELLENT Specifications Metal: 18K Gold Stone: Turquoise

  • (c1960) An interesting and unusual 18k yellow gold and natural coral ring. The free-formed textured ring reminiscent of a coral reef, holding a natural coral carved into the shape of a ball.(height from finger to top of coral approx 5/8") Stylish,fresh and unique. Size 5 3/4- 6. Price

  • Unknown (c1960) An Art Brute 22k yellow gold ring. The hand fashioned, spiral shaped ring measuring approximately 3/4" on top and weighing 17.8g. A wonderfully sensual piece. Signed with the artists mark. Size:6.5 Price Condition perfect Measurements Specifications Materials/Technique: 22k Reference: JU10072124182

  • Greece (c1980) Illias Lalaounis, a bold gold cross-over ring. The 1 1/8"h, 22k yellow gold crossover ring with dual stylized lion heads fashioned in the antique Greek style. A handsome ring with a nice big look and rich gold color. Easy to wear. Can be sized. Size 9. Unisex Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Unknown (c1970) A stylish gold and sapphire ring. The 18k yellow gold granulated band graduating from 3/4" - 1/4" set with an 8.7 x 5.5mm cabochon sapphire. The stone in this ring is wonderfully "gemmy" with a nice medium-blue color, the smooth stone contrasts nicely with the textured band. A great everyday ring. Chic.Unknown makers marks. Size 6.5 Price Condition perfect

  • USA (c1980) Angela Cummings for Tiffany and Co., A Rich pair of gold earrings. The 7/8" x 6/8" 18k yellow gold earrings with a textured finish. A great shape,easy to wear. Signed Angela Cummings and Tiffany and Co. Stylish and elegant. Price Condition perfect

  • (c1960) A fashionable gold Chatham Man Made emerald and diamond ring. The 14k yellow gold ring with a 1 1/4" tubular mounting holding a 1" "Chatham" emerald crystal enhanced with seven round white diamonds weighing approximately .90cts. An impressive ring, sitting 1" above the finger. Tres Chic. Size 7. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United Kingdom (c1965) Andrew Grima, A stylish agate geode pendant. The 2 1/2"(with bale ) x 1 3/8" free form grey agate geode with carved emerald leaves, carved and cabochon ruby flowers, accented with three white diamonds and and a modernist gold mount. A pretty and early design by Grima. Hallmarked for workshop H.J and Co. and date letter for 1965. Modernistic   elegance. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Italy (c1970) A Handsome yellow gold ring by Sante Privitera. The 6/8" x 5/8" 14k Yellow gold ring designed as a rectangular medallion featuring the head of Bacchus. The rich gold coloration and rouge patina are special elements of the Sante Privitera workshop. Elegant and wearable. The perfect complement to a glass of wine. Size 6 1/4" Price Condition perfect

  • England (c1960) An organic ring by Charles de Temple. The 1 1/8" 18k yellow gold free formed ring with 2 grey/white south sea baroque pearls and five round white diamonds. Artistic, Elegant, Unique. Signed with makers mark, British Hallmarks Size 7 Price Condition perfect Measurements Length: 1 1/8"

  • United States (c1970) A stylish gold and diamond modernist ring by *Wachler. The 1 1/4" x 1/2" 18k yellow gold ring of geometric design ,a center brilliant cut diamond weighing approximately .50ct with an additional .25cts of round and baguette white diamonds. *David Wachler & Sons has won over 30 design awards worldwide including the prestigious Diamond International Award. This is a lovely alternative to a traditional engagement ring. Comfortable,Elegant and Unique. Size 6 Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • France (c1980) A Vintage Hermes ring. The 5/8" 18k yellow gold articulated band made up of a connecting H motif. This ring was part of the Hermes "Kilim"collection. An early version, this ring is beautifully constructed with a nice substantial feel and very slight movement to the gold. Later rings in this line were merely engraved to represent the style. Elegant and Classic. Unisex. Size 6. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Canada (1971) A Handsome gold and resin bracelet by Walter Schluep. The 18k yellow gold bracelet made up of box links filled with a dark brown/red resin. Schluep , originally from Switzerland, has become one of Montreal's most famous Artist- jewelers. Working in both gold and silver, Schluep employed resin to add life to his modernist designs. This weighty bracelet nods to both op art and the minimalist art movement of the time. A piece of sculpture for the wrist. One of a Kind. Elegant and Unique. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Swiss (c1970) Gubelin ,A Brutalist ring. The 1" h 18k yellow gold band ring of freeform design. A fine rich color and modeled finish. Substantial, yet comfortable. A great piece for everyday.Interesting and Unusual. Size 7 Price Condition perfect

  • Italy (c1970) A handsome Cartier pendant in gold and tigers eye. The 1 6/8" (2 1/4" with bale)18k yellow gold pendant in the shape of an ancient Assyrian cross..also known as a Masculine Cross with inset tigers eye and a central diamond accent. A great wearable size, looks stylish on a leather cord or a long-chain. Chic, sexy and unisex. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • USA (c1970) A handsome pair of yellow gold ear clips by Hammerman Bros. The hammered finished 18k yellow gold door knocker style ear clips measuring 1 6/8" x 1". Substantial, yet comfortable, these earrings are large without being "too too". Great worn with just about anything- really liven up a ho-hum day. Price Condition perfect

  • United States (c1970) A massive ring by Temple St. Clair in gold and tigers eye. The 1 3/4"18k rope-work yellow gold geometric -shaped ring inset with triangular hard-stone and round diamond accents. Make a statement. Bold, Stylish and Impressive. Size 5.5 Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • USA (c1970) An interesting and unusual ring by Barbara Anton. The 1" x 1/4" Handcrafted textured ring with a modified square shank, the face embellished with two round green and six round white diamonds. A nice alternative to a plain band. Looks great worn alone or stacked. Anton, a Jacqueline of many trades (an actress, playwrite and novelist), is known in the collectors world for her bold freeform jewelry designs. Her one of a kind pieces often use unusual stones or unexpected juxtaposition of materials giving her jewelry a unique disposition. Anton received 23 international awards for Excellence in Jewelry Design, including the Diamonds International Award and The Highest Award from The Cultured Pearl Associations of America and Japan. A small ring with a big personality. Size 6 Price

  • United States(c1974) Aldo Cipullo, a charming gold bracelet. The 18k yellow gold plaque with a keyhole and screws attached to a grosgrain ribbon bracelet with a gold buckle closer. Whimsical and wearable. A rare piece of Cipullo design. Singed 1974 , A. Cipullo. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Italy (c1970) A chic pair of 18k yellow gold earrings. The double open conical-shaped hoops measuring 1 5/8"at the largest, attached to a 1 x 1" diamond shaped ear-clip, overall measurements 3" x 1 5/8". Can be converted for pierced ears. Dramatic, Sexy and Flattering. Price Condition perfect

  • USA (c1960) An Impressive diamond and Kunzite ring by Artist- Jeweler Barbara Anton. The 2" x 1" hand-fashioned platinum wire mount with approximately 1.80cts of marquise and round white diamonds, favoring a 55ct. medium pink Kunzite (photo errs to lavendar). Anton, a Jacqueline of many trades (an actress, playwrite and novelist), is known in the collectors world for her bold freeform jewelry designs. Her one of a kind pieces often use unusual stones or unexpected juxtaposition of materials giving her jewelry a unique disposition. Anton received 23 international awards for Excellence in Jewelry Design, including the Diamonds International Award and The Highest Award from The Cultured Pearl Associations of America and Japan. This ring is an exceptional example of artist- jewelry. Stunning, Elegant and Unique. Size 7 Price Condition perfect

  • USA (c1980) David Webb, A handsome Gold and Azurmalachite ring. The 1" x 5/8" 18k fluted yellow gold ring with a large mellon-cut Azure-Malachite topped by an 8.4mm x 7.4mm cabachon ruby surrounded by an oval platinum frame mounted with approximately .75cts of round white diamonds. The dome ring sits 1" high from finger. A lively play of blues and greens. Good-Looking and Bold. A Great Statement piece. Size 5 3/4. Price

  • Continental (c1960) An impressive gold and diamond ring. The 1 1/4" x 1 1/4",14k yellow gold freeform textured wire ring with approximately four carats of bright f-color, vs1 clarity round diamonds.This ring sits high on the finger..5/8" of an inch. Dramatic and elegant. Unique. Size 6 1/4" Price Condition perfect

  • Brazil (c1960) Heraldo Burle Marx, A Handsome pair of gold and amethyst earrings. The 18k 1 x 3/4" yellow gold textured ear-clips with carved amethyst . Inspired by Pre-Columbian motifs, these earrings are timeless and elegant. The amethyst,carved in the â?? Forma Livreâ?? style, a cut Burle-Marx pioneered in the mid 1950′s. Known for his inventive style and use of Brazilian gemstones, Marx made a name for himself amongst prominent European collectors and socialites. His work as an artist-jeweler is distinct and memorable. Fit comfortably on the ear. Chic and sophisticated. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • France (c1965) A good-looking yellow gold and citrine ring. The 18k yellow gold modified square- shanked ring with an ovoid offset medium yellow- brown faceted citrine. This flattering cantilevered style elongates the finger. Wearable, Attractive and French. Marked with makers mark V (we are still researching) and french marks for 18k. Size 7 1/4. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United States (c1970) Aldo Cipullo, a pair of gold and diamond earrings. The 5/8" circular yellow gold earrings in the shape of an arrow. Cute and easy to wear with all of the whimsical charm of a classic Cipullo design. Marked A. Cipullo, 18k Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United States (c1970) Arthur King, A handsome gold and diamond ring. The 18k 5/8" tapered yellow gold textured band with three round white diamonds: one old European-cut diamond weighting 1.10cts , I- J, SI2. with 2 additional old European-cut diamonds each I-J, SI . All stones face up bright white.. a very showy ring. Most likely a commissioned piece for a private client , this is an easy to wear piece of Arthur King jewelry (see more about King on our website blog) Great looking for a man or a woman. Stylish and Unique. Size 9. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • (c1970) A modernist 18k yellow gold and tiger's eye ring. The wide gold band measuring just under 1" in front and tapering to 2/8" at back of shank with a smooth carved stylized hour glass-shaped tiger's eye accent. An easy everyday piece of jewelry. size: 8 1/2. 14g Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United States (c1970) A handsome bracelet by David Webb. The 1 6/8" 18k yellow gold cuff bracelet in the shape of a panther. The hinged opening easily fits a 6 1/4" wrist or smaller. Comfortable, stylish and chic. Signed copywrite WEBB 18k. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • France (c1970) A bold 18k yellow gold and tiger's eye pendant. The 2" x 1 1/2" rectangular-shaped tigers eye with free-formed gold-work mounts. Stylish and fun to wear. A great everyday piece of jewelry. Unique. 38.8g Price Condition perfect

  • Brazil (c1960) A chic pink tourmaline ring by Heraldo Burle Marx. The 18k yellow gold textured ring with a 3/4"l x 3/8" h carved pink tourmaline. The carved tourmaline ring in the " Forma Livre" style, a cut Burle-Marx pioneered in the mid 1950's. Known for his inventive style and use of Brazilian gemstones, Marx made a name for himself amongst prominent European collectors and socialites. His work as an artist-jeweler is distinct and memorable. This ring is no exception. A great examlpe of his unique style. Signed Burle Marx. Great as a pinky or third finger ring. SIze 4.75-5. 11g. Unusual and stylish. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Greece (c1980) A chic pair of 18k yellow gold and sodalite ear clips by Ilias Lalaounis. The 1" button ear clips with a concentric circle design featuring a cabochon sodalite in a rich gold patina. Very comfortable on. Look great with the Lalaounis bracelet also featured on the site.Smart and wearable. * Sodolite shares some of the same properties as Lapis Lazuli and is often mistaken as such. It is said to be a stone of Insite and Intuition. Price Condition very good

  • United States (c1970) An artistic two-color gold and opal brooch by Art Smith. The 2 3/4 X 1 1/2" abstract rose and yellow gold brooch of layered design with collet-set Opal pods. Smith, an African American Jeweler known for innovative design, sold mainly silver from his Greenwich, NY atelier. Walls, adorned with prototypes for Necklaces , bracelets and earrings, offered examlpes of his work. Clients could commission works or purchase pieces outright. This is a RARE example of the few works he made in gold. Similar in feel to some of the earlier silver pieces inspired by jazz and modern dance, this work is more refined as the material was considerably more precious than the silver or brass that he fashioned on a more regular basis. A wonderful addition to a studio collection. Interesting, wearable and unique. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United States (c1970) Tiffany and Co. , a chic gold necklace. A 25 1/2" 18k yellow gold freeform link necklace. A great looking piece of 70's jewelry. Originally a continuous link, the 14k closer added later for ease of wear. Looks great on its own or with a 70's pendant. Substantial and Sexy. Signed Tiffany and Co. 18k. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Italy (c1950) A Chic gold and gemstone bracelet by Franco Canilla for Masenza. The 1 2/8"w x 6 1/2" interior 18k Yellow gold hinged crossover bangle terminating in two stylized heads with cabachon ruby and sapphire hair respectively, accented with diamond eyes and collars. A very "gemmy" piece, the stones almost glisten like wet hard candy. In the late 1940's Mario Masenza, opened his stunning jewelry store in Via del Corso, Rome. A baroque interior that became the showplace for precious works of wearable art. Executed in gold by some of Italy's most prestigious artist's, Canilla, Afro, Capagrossi etc. Masenza's workshops helped transform artistic ideas into one of a kind precious jewels. This piece , by Franco Canilla is one of these rare examples. The style, known as the "school of Rome " is not only a collectors piece, but an elegant and stylish piece of artist- jewelry. Elegant and sophisticated. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Unknown (c1970) A handsome pair of gold earrings. The 14k 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" yellow gold hinged earrings with semi-circular incised design. The 1" x 3/4" top, hides the earlobe , while the 1 3/4" lower piece dangles freely from the bottom of the ear. Wonderful movement and a great weight. These feel beautiful on. The rich colored gold and "Ashanti" inspired design looks great dressed up or down. Sexy and Chic. For pierced ears. 18g Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United States (c1980) A handsome gold and citrine ring by Ed Wiener. The 18k 1 1/2" yellow gold, hammered finish, lozenge shaped ring with a pear-shaped collet set Madeira citrine. Ed Wiener, influenced by both modern art and jazz, found his expression in making sculptural jewels. Many pieces are one of a kind or in small editions. This ring, a later piece in Wiener's oeuvre, is indicative of his progressive style that often changed to reflect the times. After the late 70's, his work became more organic than geometric, favoring rich colored hammered or textured gold and colored gemstones over the earlier, more hard-edged silver works. Elegant and comfortable . Size 5 3/4. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United States (c1970) A chic pair or gold and diamond ear clips by Arthur King. The 7/8" 18k freeform hinged hoops each accented with 3 white round diamonds in the front. For non-pierced ears, these huggie style earrings are comfortable and have a pierced earring look. Not so big , they work great for day or night. * Bonus, they look terrific stacked as two rings! ( Size 6) Signed King 16g Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Italy (c1970) A cool Gucci silver bracelet. The adjustable sterling bracelet measures 8 1/4" at its largest and adjusts to 6 1/4" at its smallest. Easy to wear and secure. This Iconic elephant hair bracelet can be worn alone or stacked. For a great look.. see our other Gucci "Elephant hair " bracelet in Gold. Marked Gucci Italy Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Canada (c1970) A Stylish ring by Toni Cavelti. The 1" x 5/8" 18k ring set with rectangular lapis framed with approximately .40cts of round white diamonds. This ring feels wonderful on the hand, the back of the mounting form fits the finger, making the heavy ring comfortable to wear. Cavelti, based in Vancouver , is one of Canada's most influential Modernist artist-jewelers. A winner of the prestigious 'Diamonds Awards International', his client list includes H.M Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. Later in His career he joined forces with Birks, where his designs were made available to the general public. This 1970s ring is a great example of his interest in fine art. Bold and Minimal. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United States (c1980) Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof, A smart labradorite and diamond dress set. The 3/4" 18k yellow gold cufflinks with labradorite hand-carved boar heads,each with a cognac diamond eye and diamond collar attached to a diamond spiral cuff fastener and accompanied by four similar shirt studs. Zadora, known to many as the American Faberge, began his interest in carving as early as twelve years old. After Gemological study and a carving apprenticeship in Germany he began to produce his own , one of a kind, works using precious stones. This set is a wonderful example of his craft. The Labradorite cufflinks have an excellent play of blue (difficult to photograph). Super for the Hunter in the family.. or your favorite Boar. signed Zadora Elegant and Unique. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • Swiss (c1965) A chic pair of 18k yellow gold diamond and South Sea pearl earrings by Gilbert Albert. The 1 1/4 x 1" earrings made up of of free-formed textured gold wire in a ribbon-shaped design enhanced with round white diamonds and two white 14.2mm x 11mm white baroque south sea pearls. Comfortable,Flattering and Unique.(also available, a ring of similar design) Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United Kingdom (c1970) A Chic Kutchinsky Tigers Eye Ring. The 1 1/4" 18k yellow gold saddle-shaped ring with a concave tiger's eye center. Comfortable and Chic. ( the tigers eye is very "gemmy" and shows more carmel than in the photo) 18.5g Size 7 Signed Kutchinsky Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • France (c1970) Jean Vendome, A stylish diamond ring. The 1 1/8" ,18k yellow gold ring of geometric design with approximately .60 cts of mixed-cut diamonds all g-h color and vvs clarity. The flexible square-shanked band moves with hand, an unusual and interesting piece of one of a kind jewelry. “One of Jean Vendome’s innovations was his awareness of the body,” said Michèle Heuzé, a gemologist, jewelry historian and auctioneer. “His pieces were articulated and often made to slink up a woman’s hand or neck and adapt to her body.” Vendome, known for his elegant unique style produced over 37000, (mostly individual) pieces during his career. A great alternative to the traditional engagement ring. Size 5.5. Signed J Vendome with french marks. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • United States (c1970) A stylish 18k yellow gold Aries pendant by David Webb. The round textured 1 3/4" disk with the astrological symbol for Aries (March 21- April 19th). The pendant has a hinged hidden bale, it can be worn on a wire, long chain or leather cord. It looks great with one of our David Webb chains, also offered on the site. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • USA (c1970) An attractive gold and pearl bracelet and ring attributed to Arthur King. The 2"w x 7 1/2"l 5-strand blue-gray baroque Akoya pearl bracelet with a 2" x 1 1/2" wide 18k yellow gold freeform clasp.Along with a similar 1"x1" matching 18k gold and pearl ring. The pearls have a lively play of color, changing from blue to gray with pink and green overtones. Great with jeans or a little black dress. Stylish and Elegant.Bracelet 92g ring 19.5g size 6 Price Condition some pearls blemished and missing nacre (see photo)does not affect overall look of bracelet.Pearls not tested for natural color.

  • USA (c1960) A charming gold tigers-eye and diamond ring. The 14k 5/8"yellow gold ring with 12mm tigers eye surrounded by yellow gold balls and approximately .40cts of round white diamonds. The mass of this ring extends down from the shank (rather than being centered)this mounting creates an elongated look to the finger, and the tigers-eye is particularly "gemmy" ( this was difficult for us to photograph) The overall result is Chic and Elegant. Size 6. Price Condition perfect

  • United States (c1960) A brutalist high carat gold ring by Henry Alvin Sharpe. The wide band with numerous engraving and massive claw setting holding an unusual shaped 82.55 ct corundum , marked : UNIQUE, 24K, HAS, Gold, Studio. On the back of the ring: H. ALVIN SHARPE, GOLD, HAS, Ruby 82.55 ct. On the ruby prongs marked: Tear of David. Best known for his design of Mardi-gras doubloons for New Orleans, H. Alvin Sharpe was a painter ,writer and sailor as well as self taught silversmith. His work is uniquely clever and bold. This one of a kind ring is a rare example of his work in gold. Stong and individual .Weight: 41.3 dwt. Price Condition EXCELLENT

  • (c1970) A chic 18k and diamond ring in the shape of a claw. The tapered polished-gold 3/4 inch band supporting a bead-set 2.00 carat diamond "claw". Size 9. Price Condition fine Measurements Height: 3/4" Specifications Materials/Technique: 18k,diamond Reference: 1789

  • Unknown (c1970) A Handsome pair of Agate Cufflinks. The 1" 18k sliced amethyst agates set in an 18k yellow gold prong mount, enhanced with a collet set diamond center. Groovy Chic. Unisex. Price Condition EXCELLENT Measurements Diameter: 1 in.

  • France (c1980) A stylish gold, ruby, enamel and diamond clip brooch by Garrard. The 3 x 2 1/4" 18k yellow gold brooch of abstract foliate design with approximately one carat of channel and prong set rubies, and approximately 2.25cts round white and baguette- cut diamonds enhanced with a rich enamel "leaf". Made in France for export to Garrard of London and dated 1980. This is a beautiful and interesting brooch for day or night. Anything but typical, a wonderful example of high design. Price Condition perfect

  • England (c1970) A massive carbuncle ring, necklace and ear-clips by Andrew Grima, The ring, a deep red cabochon garnet measuring 1 1/4" x 1" with a "Grima" modified triangular ring shank, size 6. Along with a removable garnet pendant measuring just over 7/8"x 6/8"on a tubular link chain measuring 14", with a pair of small ear clips measuring 1/2"each. All pieces fully hallmarked. A great stripped down version of Victorian English jewelry. Unique. Price Condition fine

  •   (c1980) An elegant gold and tourmaline necklace. The 14k Yellow gold necklace with 34 oval cabachon pink tourmaline,ranging in size from 3x2-9x11mm bezel set in a graduated dual teardrop mounting each with a round white diamond suspended from a 15" richly colored yellow gold chain. This necklace lays beautifully on the neck. Chic and Sexy. 111g Price Condition perfect

  • (c1970) A Smart 14k white gold,diamond and Onyx watch by Baume and Mercier. The 1 1/2" oval face with approximately 1.50cts of pave-set round white diamonds,signed on the case and watch face Baume and Mercier. With the original black lizard band. A nice modernist look. Great for day or night. Price Condition Very good, some very slight wear to band. Very light scratches to watch face. Not noticeable on either acct. without a loop.

  • USA (c1980) Arthur King (1921-1986) A pretty south sea pearl ring by Arthur King. The 3/4"free-form 18k yellow gold ring with a mixed-cut emerald weighing approximately 1.00ct and a 9 x 11mm baroque white south sea pearl, enhanced with 3 round white diamonds.Purchased in the early 1980's directly from the Madison Avenue Location. Elegant and Chic. Unique, size 6. Price Condition perfect

  • USA (c1980) A handsome gold and pearl necklace by Arthur King. The 15" 18k yellow gold and diamond necklace with a white 17.5mm x 14.7mm baroque south sea pearl of very good luster, no blemishes.Purchased directly from the Madison Avenue store in the 1980's. Original pouch included. Good-looking and easy to wear. Chic and stylish. Unique. 69g Price Condition perfect

  • France (c1970) A stylish French gold and onyx zodiac pendant. The 2' x 1 6/8" onyx plaque pendant with an 18k yellow gold and diamond boarder and stylized double fish symbol made up of approximately 5.00cts of round white brilliant-cut diamonds, f color-vvs clarity, suspended from a 1/2" bale. Beautifully made and full of life. Will fit most chains 1/4" wide or under,looks very pretty on a cord or ribbon. French hallmarks. Impressive, Showy ,Elegant. Price Condition perfect

  • (c1980) A bold 18k yellow gold, enamel and diamond ring by La Triomphe. The 3.00ct free-formed diamond pattern with black enameled accents reminiscent of an animal hide. This 1 1/2" ring is super stylish and comfortable on. Massive,interesting and chic. Release your inner animal! size 6 3/4 Price Condition perfect. Enamel appears unsettled in photo, this is not noticeable when on the hand-

  • European (Victorian) A pretty 19th century tiara. The silver handcrafted leaves and flowers with a natural patina throughout the crown. The "language of flowers "was an important part of 19th century courtship and ritual. This wedding crown is a sentimental tribute to a timeless tradition of everlasting love and betrothal. Price Condition fine, natural oxidation through out can be cleaned to full brightness, but we love the warm patina. Measurements Height: 2 1/2"

  • Italy (c1960) A massive gold, diamond and rock crystal cocktail ring. The 1" x 1" fluted carved satin-finished crystal with a twisted gold wire cage culminating in a 1.00ct pave set boss, mounted in 18k yellow gold.The wide inner band provides a comfortable fit as well as stability for this substanitial ring.Bold and Sophisticated. size 7-7 1/2. Price Condition perfect

  • Unknown (c1960) A charming gold and pearl brooch. The 1 3/4" x 2 1/4" 18k Yellow gold brooch fashioned in the shape of the head of an owl. A stylish piece of ,one of a kind, Artist- Jewelry. Beautiful and Unique.Possibly Italian Price Condition perfect

  • United States (c1990) Michael Dyber, An artistic carved aquamarine. The 1 1/2" x 1" carved aquamarine by Michael Dyber, mounted in a two tone matte finish gold frame enhanced by two round white diamonds. The carved aqua wieghing approximately 16cts, carved with the optic dish , a trademark of Dybers unique style. "Dyber’s faceting is a myriad of slashes and distorted depressions that resemble bubbles frozen in glass. His trademark is the optic dish, a concave depression carved into the backs of flawless crystalline gems like citrine, aquamarine and ametrine. Dyber’s dish acts as a spherical mirror, with the front of the stone serving as a lens that optically compresses what is carved on the back." -from the jewelry loop. Like his German counterpart Munstiener , Dyber is a world renown stone carver. An interesting and unique piece of jewelry. The designer of the piece itself is unknown to us, however signed JF 18k. The stone is signed with Dybers hallmark. Perfect as a necklace or a brooch and boldly tailored enough for a man or a woman. Price Condition EXCELLENT